Here are the many ways to use the Napster service and listen to your favorite music while you are at home, in the office or abroad.

On Your Smartphone

With Napster Unlimited you can play all the music you want on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. Play any track instantly via the internet or save music to play offline when you’re travelling, abroad or with no connection.

On your Computer

With Napster Unlimited you can listen to your music directly via the web player. No matter whether at home, in the office or travelling – simply access your music from any PC. And of course you have all the great Napster features available to explore new music.

On your Tablet

With Napster Unlimited and our great tablet app for iOS or Android you can enjoy your music directly on your tablet anytime, anywhere. Simply stream tracks via the internet or store your favourite music on your tablet for when you have no connection and listen offline. Plus you have all the great Napster features available to explore new music.

In Your Living Room

Lean back and enjoy unlimited music wherever you are in the house, with no need for fiddly wires. Napster is fully integrated on the SONOS Wireless HiFi System. Play the same song in every room or different songs in different rooms. Control all music in all rooms wirelessly and simply with the SONOS app for your computer, smartphone or tablet. More info:

In your Car

Relax and enjoy Napster’s music catalogue in the comfort of your car. With “BMW Apps” and "MINI Connected", the Napster iPhone app directly connects with the head unit of your car. Control Napster simply via the car head unit and choose your tracks online, while you are on the road. Preparing for a long trip? Download hours of Napster music when you have WiFi at home and delve among your offline selection on the trip! Available in the UK and Germany.