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Label: Sumerian Records
The star of Asking Alexandria's fifth record isn't their usually blistering twin guitars nor pulverizing breakdowns, but rather the soaring voice and emotional lyrics of Danny Worsnop (who returns after a two-year hiatus). While he certainly unleashes his burly scream here and there (check out the hammering "Into the Fire"), cuts like the harrowing “Vultures” find the singer--who has struggled through both addiction and family tragedy--employing melodic, arena rock crooning while digging into the many ups and downs of his tumultuous life. The band's sonic changes are just as drastic. Tempering their metalcore instincts, Asking Alexandria veer towards a more alt-metal approach, one packed with EDM synths, atmospheric programming and, as in the case of "When the Lights Come On," serious symphonic heft.

About this album


About this album

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