All 'N All by Earth, Wind & Fire


All 'N All

Earth, Wind & Fire

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Label: Columbia
Like so many ideologues, Maurice White eventually turned E.W.F. into a servant for his complex set of beliefs, a hybrid of ancient Egyptian and Christian principles. The music was increasingly slick, particularly on the disco-tinged "Fantasy" and the too-lush ballads "I'll Write a Song for You" and "Love's Holiday." This mix of pop-rock, fusion jazz, and funk works on All N' All because White wrote some terrific songs, including "Jupiter," which describes a Jesus-like figure with Zeus-like powers, and the burning bush-inspired "Serpentine Fire." The group still had a knack for improvisation, particularly on "Brazilian Rhyme," with its classic Philip Bailey vocalese. But they wouldn't be so lucky on future albums.

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About this album

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