Taking One For The Team by Simple Plan



Simple Plan

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Label: Atlantic Records
Though five years separate Taking One for the Team from its predecessor, Get Your Heart On!, the album is a seamless continuation of Simple Plan's ever-evolving penchant for cross-pollinating infectiously high-energy punk rock with hip-hop, reggae, and pure pop. No stranger to cameos, the seemingly omnipresent Nelly makes an appearance on the club-inspired party jam "I Don't Want to Go to Bed" (which is way more sexed-up than your average Simple Plan tune). "Singing in the Rain" is a bouncy, carefree, ska-inspired sing-along featuring R. City, the successful songwriting duo who have worked with everyone from Nicki Minaj to Rihanna. If, however, you prefer your Simple Plan pure (i.e. packed with punky, bratty charm), go straight to "Everything Sucks." Its sun-drenched power pop and boisterously buzzing guitars will have you pogoing off your bed.

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About this album

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