Lonely Is A Lifetime by The Wild Feathers


Happy Again

The Wild Feathers

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Label: Warner Records
Where The Wild Feathers’ excellent debut accentuated their alt-country qualities in hopes of cracking the Americana market, their sophomore effort instead finds them folding their rootsy twang into vintage power pop -- and it’s an ace move. Placing the band’s three-part harmonies and chiming guitars front and center, this deliciously hook-laden music nails the sweet spot between Tom Petty, Crazy Horse and Teenage Fanclub. “Overnight,” an infectious ode to the innocence of youth, is a stellar opener, while the ruminative “Goodbye Song” attains Cosmic American splendor thanks to its reverb-drenched pedal steel and iridescent guitar jangle. Throughout the album, The Wild Feathers invoke a cavalcade of classic heartland themes, from wasted days spent getting stoned to hitting the highway in hopes of escaping your problems. On “Happy Again,” all these themes collide to help create one of those uniquely American rock anthems that will linger in the corridors of your mind long after it has ended.

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About this album

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