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Ah the Great Outdoors. Terrifying, isn't it? There're all sorts of things trying to eat you. Anything you eat is just as likely to kill you. And your contactless bank card works almost nowhere.

But part of having a summer that's oh-so brief is forcing yourself outside to 'enjoy' it.

While you choke to death on your hayfever, casually stroll bare-legged through a patch of stinging nettles, and immediately get sunburnt, make it all bearable with our Great Outdoors playlist.

First things first, you need to get over the paralysing fear leaving the city understandably induces. So put your mind at ease with the likes of 'Ohm', 'Holocene' and 'Where Can I Go'.

Next, start to appreciate the freedom the outdoors brings. Accept 'The Wolf Is Free' as a celebration, not a warning. Look up at the wide open sky and bellow 'Good Day Sunshine'. Marvel at the simply majesty of 'The Trees'.

Now you're suitably calmed, take a moment to notice all of nature's little wonders - the 'Dragonfly'; the 'Buffalo'; 'The River'. And all that jazz.

Because at the end of the day, as great as the safety of the city is, with all its amenities and transport links and cash points, nothing beats the 'Open Road'.

Embrace the outdoorsman in you with our Great Outdoors playlist, and make the most of the two days of summer while they last.

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