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We've got the big tracks to start your day in our incredible, weekly update, singing in the shower playlist!

It’s early. You wake up. The alarm is bleating away in your ear. And it's still dark outside! Surely it cannot be the day already.

Shuffling along in your pyjamas to the kitchen, you fill the kettle, just about find the mugs, and make that first cup of tea. Thank goodness for legal stimulants!

As you start to come round, you venture toward the shower, close the door, and switch on your Napster. And that's when the transformation begins. You go from dopey head to all time Legend of Rock.

Tireless scientific efforts, since the modern shower was invented in 1767 (fact!), have still failed to explain exactly why this transformation happens. You blast out every single track possible, in all manner of keys. It doesn't even stop when you're brushing your teeth!

If you are living in a flat, or sharing your home, this is the point at which your neighbours truly come to appreciate your immense qualities.

So, in honour of your singing, and in apology to your neighbours, we bring you the ultimate blast-it-out playlist for your shower. We expect nothing less than the maximum volume as you show the artists of your time exactly how it's done.

Of course, this immense transformation goes the other way when you turn off the shower and exit the bathroom, keeping a lower profile. But you know the music has been delivered, and it was delivered in style.

We bring you huge tracks each week, so remember to check-in to our massive playlist!

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